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Enzo's Overwrite Delivery Service

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

Enzo Matrix
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He's alphanumeric...

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Don't let the screenshot userpics fool you. Three years, some growth-spurting, and a lot of solid physical training have passed since then. Enzo is [the equivalent of] thirteen years old, but can sometimes pass for several years older. He's in athletic shape and is as tall as many adults.

Also, sprites do not simply look like colourful humans. He looks computer-animated: too-smooth skin, hair that does not separate into strands, and no visible nostrils. His skin feels plasticky and will always match the ambient temperature, as he has no body heat.

Organics will be unable to smell him, though they might smell any traces of matter on him. Do not attempt to eat his food; Happy Fun Electrocution Time will result, and you won't taste anything anyway.

age: 102 (1310)
height: 3.944 pixels (5'11")
skin colour: #00FFCC
hair colour: #003300
eye colour: #990099
PB (human): Leo Legrand
voice: Paul Dobson

* * *

Enzo Matrix is a beta-version data sprite, aged 01 (equivalent to 9 years old), with mint-green skin, forest-green hair, and purple eyes. He lives in a smallish system, ironically called Mainframe, with his elder sister Dot. Since the deletion of their father, Prof. Welman Matrix, in the massive explosion which destroyed Mainframe's twin city and the vast majority of the data sprites with it, Enzo has been raised by Dot, with the assistance (and sometimes interference, depending whom you ask) of Bob, a Guardian from the Supercomputer. The main threats to peaceful runtime-as-usual in Mainframe are two viruses, Megabyte (orderly and megalomaniacal) and Hexadecimal (chaotic and destructive).

Enzo is highly impressionable and idolizes both Bob and Dot. He is bright and a fast learner, but is also very impulsive; in other words, he learns from his mistakes and makes plenty of mistakes to learn from.

Since most of the system's sprites were deleted, Enzo is very lonely, although he's naturally cheerful enough to suppress it for the most part. While there are plenty of binome children in the city, they're simple data and most of them aren't exactly on Enzo's level. Aside from Bob and Dot, his best friend is a feral dog named Frisket, who for some reason loves and protects Enzo but is actively hostile toward almost everyone else.

As far as Enzo was concerned, everyone else suddenly looked a lot older, Bob had an entirely new look, and there were a bunch of people around he'd never seen before. As far as everyone else was concerned, the system had just crashed and been restarted, and Enzo was a backup from more than a bikilocycle ago - a wholly unexpected one, since Enzo Matrix was already present in the system, aged 100 (22). With his girlfriend. Also, Megabyte had just been defeated and banished to the Web, Hexadecimal had been cured of her insane and malicious tendencies, Bob had merged with his keytool, and the entire 'Net was in the process of being taken over by a supervirus named Daemon.

He had a lot to adjust to.

thinking, or Frisket speaking to another dog

Enzo Matrix is from ReBoot - entering from between seasons 3 and 4 - and is the property of Mainframe Entertainment Inc., which is in turn owned by Rainmaker Entertainment Inc.. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.